Web Design & Development

The core service I offer is web design and development. This means everything from website conception through to going live.

What type of websites can you build?

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Ultimately, I can design and develop almost any type of website that your business might require. I’ve provided some examples below, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t see what you need – just in get in touch and let’s see if I can help.

Filmed On Phones

A film it yourself wedding video service, where guests submit clips from their phones.

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Custom Condoms

An ecommerce site that specialises in creating customised condom packaging.

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Kate McAllister

A consultant specialising in Appreciative Inquiry.

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Flying Stocksman

A membership site for a FinTech startup featuring paywall content.

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J Street & Sons

A family business, specialising in Property Repairs, Improvements and Renovations.

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Huddersfield Holistic Healing

A psycho-therapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist.

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Looking for more examples? I have plenty more websites in my portfolio, so if you're looking for an example of something you don't see above, please just get in touch and I can provide you with more.

Still got questions?

I’ve answered some of the most common questions I get below. You can always get in touch if you don’t see an answer to your question.

Yes, I can host your website for you. Generally this is preferable for most business owners, as it reduces the hassle for you.

If you don’t already have a domain name (e.g. yourbusiness.co.uk or .com), I can help you to purchase it and get it connected to your website.

Yes. During our initial consultation we’ll establish what parts of the website you want to be able to update. Before we launch, I’ll provide you with a log in and give a training session, so any parts of your site you want to be able to update yourself, you can.

Yes, generally some level on ongoing support is always required. We can discuss what level of support you’ll require and the associated costs in your initial free consultation.

It depends. If you have a WordPress or Shopify website already, I can likely help you to update it. However, if you’re looking to make major changes to your existing site, a fresh rebuild is usually the best approach.

The time a new site build will take varies depending on the complexity of the project.

For simple sites, once you’ve provided all required content and materials for the site, I try to complete projects in 1-2 weeks.

For more complex sites involving functionality like ecommerce or booking systems, I will aim to complete them in 3-4 weeks once all content and material is provided.

After a free consultation, I will provide a quote for the full website build. It’s difficult to give estimates as it can vary so much depending on the project requirements.

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Ready to discuss your project? I'm more than happy to provide some free advice, and of course I can provide a free, no-obligation quote for carrying out any work myself.