Recent Work

Take a look below at a selection of my recent web design projects. If you are looking for an example of a specific kind of work that you don’t see below, please get in touch as there are plenty more examples I can provide.

Filmed On Phones

A film it yourself wedding video service, where guests submit clips from their phones.

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Custom Condoms

An ecommerce site that specialises in creating customised condom packaging.

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Kate McAllister

A consultant specialising in Appreciative Inquiry.

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Flying Stocksman

A membership site for a FinTech startup featuring paywall content.

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J Street & Sons

A family business, specialising in Property Repairs, Improvements and Renovations.

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Huddersfield Holistic Healing

A psycho-therapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist.

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Looking for more examples? I have plenty more websites in my portfolio, so if you're looking for an example of something you don't see above, please just get in touch and I can provide you with more.